About Us

Professionals at Westport have been providing nonqualified plan and employee benefit plan asset administration services since the mid-1980s. Westport is a “boutique” firm specializing in providing asset-liability management services for nonqualified benefit and employee benefit programs. Our business is built around a proprietary platform focused on reliably solving benefit liability funding issues for public and private companies, and daily monitoring and administration of each client’s strategy.

The Westport team is made up of some of the nation’s most respected benefit funding strategies consultants. Simply put, we help companies properly fund their benefit programs—from the review and takeover of an existing funding strategy to the design, implementation and daily administration of a new funding strategy.

No asset is more important to your company than its people. The reality is, your ability to compete in your industry depends on how well you recruit, reward, and retain your key employees. The proper plan funding strategy, and administration of that funding strategy, will allow you to maintain those programs on a cost-effective basis which is essential to your overall business success.

  • Experienced Team of Quality People
  • Private Firm Dedicated to Providing ALM Services Resulting in Low Overhead and Superior Product Pricing
  • Innovative Funding Design and Support Solutions
  • Proprietary Asset-Liability Management (ALM) Administration Platform
  • Institutional and Transparent Product Pricing
  • Open Product Architecture
  • Investment Expertise
  • “High Touch” Funding Implementation and Administration Services
  • Flexible, Customizable Systems